Buchanan Lighting is an international lighting specialist, established since 1963, arranging for UK clients to import directly from our unique and exclusive portfolio of the fines<!DOCTYPE html>

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</html>t lighting manufacturers throughout Europe, India and the Far East. Our carefully selected range of factories offer a collection of the most diverse and trend-setting lighting available worldwide.
The skilled artisans from each factory produce lighting of all styles, finishes and materials, to suit all budgets. These include models that follow the latest contemporary fashions through to classic pieces steeped in historical authenticity. Our expert craftsmen offer products made in blown glass, cast crystal, cast brass, wood, ceramics, metal spinning, stamping and bending as well as lampshades produced in thousands of different types of materials.
As well as producing standard models from their vast array of materials and processes, our manufacturers delight in the opportunity of working closely with customers who require a more tailor-made, bespoke product. By matching our factories capabilities to your specific needs we can offer you the chance to produce brand new designs from scratch, from high volume economic items with target prices in mind, to more complex and intricate one offs.

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